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Home data cabling is a one off cost which provides long term benefits.

Structured data cabling within the home is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. A bit like your electrical circuits in your house, Ethernet cabling forms a back bone network distribution system around your home.

The same way that your household electronic devices change over time, so do your smart home devices. You don’t change you electrical wiring every time you buy a new TV. Likewise if you have a wired home network, then you don’t have to change the data cabling should you want to upgrade a device such as a wireless access point to the latest model.


Wired home networks add value to your property.

Many new housing developments often include data cabling as standard, as its a utility infrastructure that's expected in modern homes in this day in age.


There are many ways in which data cables can be discreetly hidden in and around your property, if you would like to arrange a quote please feel free to contact us.